3 Overlooked Components to Improve Productivity

Before you can improve productivity, you have to define it for yourself . The definition I use for myself and to inform my work with clients is, “achieving or producing a significant amount or result.” (Emphasis mine). Productivity is subjective (and hard to measure) because each person gets to determine what is significant, and the significance changes […]

Avoiding Burnout: Holistic Well-Being for Employees

Holistic well-being of employees has not traditionally been a priority for companies. The hiring process typically involves questions around skills, knowledge and experience. However, companies are missing key questions around productivity like how they manage their day, how thoughtful are their decisions, what they do to handle distractions, or how they manage unrelenting emails. These are the very […]

Some Thoughts on “Balance”

A couple of years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by radio host Lolis Garcia Baab, for her show, The Ladies Room with Lolis.  Following is a segment where we discussed the subject of “balance,” and how it seems to be a very popular concept. Click below to hear my thoughts on […]