3 Ways to Become More Productive

Recently I was interviewed by my friend, Steve Harper, to help his clients at OwnerInsite become more productive and solve some of their productivity challenges. OwnerInsite offers construction project management software, but the advice Steve pulled out of me is relevant for any busy professional. In this 13 minute interview, I explain how construction professionals (and others) can […]

Adventures in Dumping Cable for Internet TV, Conclusion

Catch Up with Part 1 here (background) Catch Up with Part 2 here (researching & purchasing all the components) Whew! So hooking everything up wasn’t so hard, actually, although the sound gave us some trouble.   First we connected the mini-DVI converter to the HDMI cable (images in part 2).  Then the computer from the mini-DVI port to the […]

Adventures in Dumping Cable for Internet TV, Part 2