App Reviews: Tracking Expenses

People are often looking to find new technologies to help them organize and keep track of expenses.  I’ve come across several money apps that I find to be very helpful. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep track of expenses is an app called Expensify.  Record expenses with minimal fuss, snap a picture […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management, #2

As discussed yesterday, effectively managing external distractions is among the most important attention management strategies.  What’s equally as important to improving your productivity with attention management is controlling internal distractions. You are actually the source of many demands, when your thoughts interrupt and distract you with curiosity about unanswered questions, thrill seeking/socializing/what-am-I-missing syndrome, incomplete tasks, […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I believe that time management is an outdated concept and what matters more in the 21st century is attention management. Your ability to control your attention will be your greatest asset in the coming decades, but this is a skill like any other: if you don’t […]

The Perils of Squeezing In “One More Thing”

Ahh the holidays. The time we not only wrap up year-end projects and make grand resolutions for the future, but many of us spend every free minute shopping for the “perfect gift,“  planning big, expensive, sparkly parties, cooking things we normally don’t and squeezing in some moments of reflection on the “true meaning” of it […]

Top 3 Tips for Productive, Stress-Free Holidays

An unfortunate side-effect of all the merry-making, partying, giving, and time with friends and family, is the rapid rate by which our to-do list seems to grow in December.  It often makes for increased stress, when this should be one time of year that we can just relax, be present, and enjoy. Following are some […]

Top 6 Tips for Fighting Holiday Stress

In addition to managing stress by being in control of the details of your life, yesterday we had the first half of a guest post from Dr. Harvey Kitzman, explaining exactly what stress does and how it affects us. Below he shares his top 6 easy and inexpensive ways to help you start 2010 calm […]

How Stress Hurts

I think the best way to deal with the stress of our busy lives is to be in CONTROL over the details, having everything out of your head where you can see it and manage it effectively. That’s why I teach people the Empowered Productivity System, to turn chaos into control. However my friend Dr. […]