CRM, PIM, PCM – Oh My! What Types of Contact Managers Do You Need?

I often hear from people who are confused about a good solution for managing their contacts.  I tell them our conversation needs to begin with identifying the needs for the contacts, and I’ve found that for some people, a combination of tools is the right answer for them. The first use of contact tools is […]

Productivity Follows Process

Several months ago I wrote an article about productivity and time management tools (also called PIMs for “personal information managers”), and I ended that by writing, “the process is the missing piece to using any tool successfully.” The most important element of using productivity tools successfully is the “how,” or the productivity process. In my […]

Are Your Productivity Tools Complicating Your Life?

Being a productivity trainer, I get asked about my personal productivity tools a lot.  There are a few rules for tools which I think are true, and valuable: Everything in one place.  Some people look at the “one place” as their computer, but I think if you can drill down more than that, it’s better.  If […]