Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s the Way Out

Do more with less. Those words permeate most workplaces today, leaving employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed and baffled about how to navigate everything expected of them. That’s the situation that “David,” a project control engineer working in construction in the Northeast, found himself in. (I’m using a pseudonym to protect his privacy—his boss doesn’t know how overwhelmed […]

My Old Friend, Paper

I often wonder about the fate of paper.  For all the talk about “going paperless,” I think we are still at least a generation away, but that’s probably all.  Do children today even have an opportunity to write things on paper anymore?  I’ve read that many schools have stopped teaching handwriting, and I have mixed […]

The Three Stages of Productivity: Which One Are You?

We all have days that seemingly fly by and at the end, we know that we were busy, but we can’t really articulate exactly what we got accomplished.  I’ve come to recognize that as “stage one” productivity.  For some of us, many days go by like that.  And for still others, it’s a way of […]