4 Ideas to Make Open Workspaces More Productive

Open workspaces are the norm in today’s offices. But does this kind of floor plan help or hinder productivity? Claudia Grisales, a business columnist at my local newspaper, the Austin-American Statesman, took on that topic recently, and I shared some thoughts for her article: “There is a great deal of research, as well as anecdotal […]

Productive: adj. Achieving or Producing a Significant Result

I read something recently where someone was bashing the word ‘productivity,’ calling it just another buzz word.  Even if he’s right, to dismiss it as “just another buzz word” would be a mistake.  It’s true that productivity often deals with what you do in a day.  But together, all those days equal your life.  You […]

To Multitask or Not to Multitask…

You may be surprised to learn that there is really no such thing as mentally multitasking. The human brain can only hold one conscious thought at a time.  Common use of the word “multi-task” actually has two distinct meanings.  The first is physically doing two things at the same time, hopefully neither of which requires […]

Keeping Up with Communication: Convenience vs. Control

How do you keep up with social media?  How do you find the time?  I get asked some version of this question every day, and in fact I deliver trainings on the topic.  The tools you choose to use have a huge impact on how well you can keep up with the flood of communication caused […]

Using Technology to Bring More Control into Your Life

In some ways, we are more connected than ever:  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube…these tools give us unprecedented opportunity to connect with and attract the attention of people who in the past seemed much farther removed: celebrities, politicians, corporate executives. I’m also beginning to realize that technology provides plenty of tools to keep others at […]