4 Overlooked Ways Your Workplace Sabotages Employee Productivity

Have you set up your workplace to support employee productivity? Are you sure? In my latest article for Harvard Business Review, 4 Organizational Mistakes That Plague Modern Knowledge Workers, I talk about some often-overlooked factors that could be holding your employees back from getting their best results. Bad email habits. Your team needs uninterrupted stretches […]

Checking Email After Work Is Common–But Unproductive

Are you in the habit of checking email outside of the office? If so, how does this habit affect your life? HBR.org asked its readers to weigh in on questions like these after one of my articles for the site, “Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team,” struck a chord. The responses to the survey give […]

Effective Communication Means Taming Your Email

Remember back when we thought email was going to be a breakthrough for effective communication at the office? Today, we’re more likely to view email as a major annoyance and, worse, a distraction from the meaningful work we really should be doing. Writing for Huffpost Business, etiquette consultant Jodi R.R. Smith has compiled a roundup […]

Improve Your Culture – Control Corporate Email

Think a Ban on After-Hours Email is Crazy? Think Again. For years, I suggested to my clients that they consider having corporate policies for after hours email. Portable technology plus bad user habits contribute to an “always-on” environment that is bad for employees and bad for the businesses that employ them. My clients thought I […]

CRM, PIM, PCM – Oh My! What Types of Contact Managers Do You Need?

I often hear from people who are confused about a good solution for managing their contacts.  I tell them our conversation needs to begin with identifying the needs for the contacts, and I’ve found that for some people, a combination of tools is the right answer for them. The first use of contact tools is […]

Effective Communication: Use a Talk To List

The thoughts ping you at random: “I need to talk to Brenda about pushing back this deliverable…” An hour later: “I have to ask Joe about the pricing for the client proposal….”  Twenty minutes after that: “I wonder if Luis has finished researching new project management tools….” If you stop and act, every time it […]

Email Etiquette: CC and BCC Are Not Your Friends

Do you work at a company where everyone is copied on everything?  My work has shown me that so much email a company generates is unnecessary, ineffective, and primarily unread.  Many of these are sent as a cc or a bcc.  The fact that these acronyms stand for “carbon copy” and “blind carbon copy” should […]

Track Conversations with “Post in this Folder”

As I explain in my training on the Empowered Productivity System, keeping details in your head causes stress — for example, that racing brain that keeps you awake at night. You might track information well when it’s an email or other electronic or physical format, but what about a conversation?  Have you ever emailed yourself?  […]

Learning Reactive vs. Responsive Empowers Your Productivity

There is an important distinction in these two words that has a significant impact on your productivity. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, react means “to act in return.”  Respond means “to reply.”  Adults typically have a responsibility to reply to the many communications we receive on a daily basis, whether they come in via […]

Taming Technology: Conversation with Dr. John Dovidio of Yale, Part 4

(For the introduction to this interview, click here.  For Part 1, click here.  For Part 2, click here. For Part 3, click here.)   Click to Listen (4 1/2 minutes) MT: This is Maura Thomas from RegainYourTime.com. Thanks for coming back to hear part four of my interview with Dr. John Dovidio, psychology professor at […]