Organization Tips to Help You Love Your Workspace

Whether you work from an office, a cubicle or a workstation at home, a little spring cleaning for your workspace can revitalize your productivity. I shared some office organization tips recently with writer Susannah Snider for an article in U.S. News & World Report. In this interview, I talked about how spring cleaning your office […]

Got Clutter? 3 Questions to Declutter and Get Organized

The beginning of the year is a great time to declutter and start fresh, and many of my clients include this in their New Year’s Resolutions. Of course it’s not enough to just “clean up.” Without a method in place to keep things that way, you’ll end up back at square one in a few […]

5 Best Travel Accessories from an Occasional Road Warrior

What to Pack? Travel Gear You Need for Productivity and Convenience There are times when I’m on the road a lot. To maintain balance, I try to arrange my schedule so that I have at least one full week at home every month. The other three weeks I’m usually in airports and hotels about 2-3 […]

5 Tips for Organized Spaces

I specialize in personal productivity and achieving your significant results, not residential organizing. But I know that being surrounded by clutter in your personal space definitely has an affect on your productivity. For more on this, I called on my friend and certified professional organizer, Janice Russell to share some great ideas. Organized Spaces, by […]

Why Your Work Space Matters to Your Productivity

Two Great Office Organization Ideas Three out of four workers surveyed worldwide agreed with this statement: ”I find myself becoming more stressed when everything is a mess and I can’t find important documents when needed.” Below are some tips to help improve your productivity by considering the space you work in. If the statement above […]

3 Tips to Beat Procrastination & Get Important Stuff Done

I saw this in my Tweet stream this morning: and I had way more than 140 characters to say about it, so I was inspired to write a blog post about it today.  Thanks @alexismadrigal, I hope this helps! First, I suggest very selective and short-term time-blocking.  YOU are the first person you’ll cancel an […]