How to Sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone

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UPDATE: 4/11/16: I have removed old content on this post that no longer worked and replaced it with options that work as of today.  I will do my best to keep this post updated as technology changes.  Thanks for visiting!

Note that this post refers to syncing Outlook for WINDOWS (all versions, as far as I can tell) with your iPhone.   Microsoft offers these (rather complicated) directions for syncing Outlook for Mac with iPhone.  I can not speak to how well it works.  These difficulties are a sample of the reason that I recommend AGAINST Outlook for Mac as a productivity solution.  For other suggestions of productivity tools for Mac users, see this post and this post.

I used Outlook to run my life for almost a decade, and the majority of the training I do is still using Outlook as the support tool.  I also show you in my book how to adapt to Outlook my Empowered Productivity System for managing the details of your life and work. I think it is a very powerful PIM (personal information manager) that can easily handle the complexity of your life.  The one shortcoming is if you need to share calendars or other information, it’s easiest if you are running an Exchange server and this doesn’t make sense for everyone.

A question I get a lot is how to sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone.  The technology has changed since I originally wrote this post more than five years ago, and I will attempt to keep it updated with the latest information.  Some of the comments below may deal with prior content that has since been removed.  Also, these are instructions for those NOT using a corporate Exchange server.  If you are using an Exchange server, your Outlook tasks should be appearing in the Reminders app on your iPhone.  If you don’t like how that works, check out IMExchange2, or  TaskTask.

To sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone without an Exchange server is much harder than it should be.  However, if you need to do this, I can offer you four suggestions:  Akruto Sync, CompanionLink/DejaOffice, hosted Exchange for individuals, or MilkSync/Remember the Milk .

The first option is Akruto Sync. It lets you automatically sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone via Wi-Fi or the Internet without storing your data in the cloud. Akruto tells me that you can establish a two-way sync no matter what version of Outlook you are using and what generation of iPhone or iPad you have. It works like your own Exchange server and provides syncing encrypted with SSL-certificate. AkrutoSync guides you step by step through the following one-time setup process:

  1. Install AkrutoSync on your PC.
  2. Choose the type of connection: WiFi or Internet.
  3. Install SSL certificate provided by AkrutoSync.
  4. Configure your iPhone to work with given settings. (All the steps will be illustrated in AkrutoSync interface. The process takes about 2 minutes and 10 clicks.)

After this one-time setup is done, you don’t have to press anything or connect any cables. Your data remains in sync. Any changes you do to your Outlook Tasks will sync immediately to your phone and vice versa.

Another choice is CompanionLink (on your PC) and DejaOffice (on your iPhone).  The instructions for this are as follows:
1. Install CompanionLink on your PC.
2. Install the free DejaOffice app on the iPhone.
3. Configure CompanionLink to use DejaCloud as the sync method.
4. Select “Microsoft Outlook” as the database.
5. Click the Sync button.

You can automate the sync on a timer, as often as every 15 minutes. It seems to have all the features I recommend in an app, and my suggestion is to try this one first.

A third option is that hosted Exchange for individuals is now available for a nominal fee, from and also from other providers.  This means that for a small monthly subscription (usually around $4-$5/month), you will no longer use the “local” version of Outlook that is installed on your PC, but instead have your Outlook hosted “in the Cloud,” which then allows you to select “Microsoft Exchange” when setting up a new account in “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” on iPhone.  Your tasks should sync directly into the Reminders app on iPhone, but as I mentioned above, if you don’t like how that works, you can try a third-party app called IMExchange2 or TaskTask.

The last option is the Remember the Milk app for iPhone, together with MilkSync for syncing with Microsoft Office (note my reservations at the end of this paragraph.)  These provide a two-way sync but only works with the Pro version of RTM, which as of this writing is $25/year.  You can try MilkSync free for 15 days without a pro account.  There are two BIG problems with RTM in my opinion. The first is that it does not offer alerts natively on your phone. In other words, if you set an alert to remind you of a task, that alert does not show up in your notifications. You have to get it by text, email or instant messenger. Even more of a problem than that: you can’t customize alerts for each task. You have to set global alerts, so all of your tasks get alerts, or none of them do. This makes RTM a poor solution, but if those issues don’t bother you, the rest of the features should work fine for you.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies in any way, and this technology seems to be ever-changing.  If you try any of these options, I would love to hear about your results!  You can email me directly at maura(at)regainyourtime(dot)com.

Don’t forget, to learn a great system for managing your tasks, calendar, email, and all the details of your life and work, check out my training for individuals, groups, and companies, and also my book!

I hope you have found this helpful.  Good luck!

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  1. Amanda, thanks for reading and I’m sorry for your challenges. While I’m certainly not an expert in this, I did some reading on the Toodledo Forums and it appears that their sync product runs on a later version of the .NET Framework than 2.0. It leads me to believe that installing a later version (perhaps 3.5) may help. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest reaching out to Toodledo support. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. Are you able to edit your tasks or just sinc?

    • Hi Krissy, thanks for reading! Using ToDo on your iPhone you can edit, add or delete tasks on your phone and your changes should sync back to your Outlook.

  3. Thanks, Maura! I Googled for help on this subject and your link came up on the first page. Yours and Daniel’s info was exactly what I was looking for. My Outlook tasks are now synced with my iPhone. As usual, you’re awesome!

  4. Paul Zimmerman says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks for making this so simple.

  5. The app is half-price at the moment on iTunes (for those wanting to make a new year resolution to get organized!)

  6. Yes, these instructions are for Outlook for Windows. Are you using Outlook for Mac 2011? I haven’t yet tried Outlook 2011 for Mac, mainly because I created a great Mac solution using iCal, and still also using Todo by Appigo to sync my tasks to my phone. I wrote a post about it here, and there is also a link in that post to an update, so be sure to read that one too.

    I hope that helps, but if you have any other questions, you are welcome to ask. Advice from me is always free. Good luck!

  7. Anshul, I will email you. I need more information to help you. Thanks for reading!

  8. This was a fantastic post and it worked for me just fine. Do you mind if I reference you and post somethng similiar on my blog http://www.8categories which is all about organisation and living a balanced life. I would really like to include this as a blog post.

  9. Jose I Huerta says:

    I’m sure you fill proud of been so helpful to others. In my case I was desperate and you gave me the solution. Don’t know if you receive “international” thanks, mine is one, from Mexico.

  10. Christopher says:

    I followed the directions provided and it worked like a champ.
    First time I had multiple steps like this and something actually worked!!!!

    I highly reccomend this!

  11. Awesome! Works with Win7 X64 & Outlook 2010, iPhone 4 – 4.3.3 and iPad 2 4.4.4 !

    For $2.99 you get one app for both iOS devices!!!

    Thanks Maura.

  12. I’ve been looking for a viable solution for syncing Outlooks Tasks with my iPhone. This is it! Thanks for the post and especially for the easy-to-follow instructions.

  13. Evelina says:

    nice! I’m using ,,Plan” . It Sync my todos on the go to Cloud 🙂

  14. Fantastic! Just ant I needed. Thanks!

  15. Hi,
    I may ask stupid questions here, but aren’t any of you worried about uploading your calendar and tasks to some online service provider?

    I’d prefer to synchronise Outlook with iPhone using the cable provided with the iPhone – not to rely on some online service provider.

    Would this be possible somehow?

    • Hi Peter-
      Thanks for your comment on my blog! I agree, I like to sync locally (with the cable) too. Unfortunately, Apple did not include task support in the iPhone, so the only way to get Outlook tasks into iPhone is with a third party app, which usually requires syncing up to the web first.

      I hope that helps!

  16. Thanks for the information. I am trying to figure out the best way to sync iPhone 4 with Outlook 2003 Tasks and came upon your site recommending plus an App of some kind (still debating which App is best).

    All seemed to be proceeding well until I went to install Chromatic Dragon from the link above. It said… “The ToodledoSync application is no being longer supported. Please consider the following alternative products: Appigo Sync, Captera Organizer or GSyncit ”

    Not quite sure how to proceed. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks!

    • To replace Toodle-do, I suggest you use Appigo Sync. Another option besides these instructions is to check out 2Do ( by Guided Ways Technologies.

  17. Chromatic Dragon’s Toodledo Sync Application is no longer being supported. The Toodledo iPhone app is only $2.99 now.

  18. Thank you for such an excellent explanation. You made my life easy.
    God bless . . .

  19. Thanks, Maura! Your instructions were perfect. And even though Chromatic Dragon’s Toodledo Sync tool is no longer supported, you can still download it and use it.

    The Toodledo method gets around the firewall problems that I encountered with 2Do when I moved and got a new router.

  20. Finally I have my outlook tasks on my iphone! You are a life saver I’ve tried figuring this our for years, your instructions were perfect. thank you!!

  21. The download from Chromatic Dragon is no longer available since both the main is no longer valid and the mirror site for the download is gone. On the ToodleDo site there is a forum message mentioning a Outlook 2010 Addin OnlyToodleDo but it did not work at all. Downloaded TaskAngel which will synch between itself and the ToodleDo website which can be accessed by synching from the ToodleDo iphone app. After 12 years using BlackBerry’s we switched over to iPhones but certainly didn’t expect something we took for granted to be so hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  22. I’ve read the most recently dated responses and they seem to conflict. If I download and install the Appigo ToDo app ($4.99) is that the only thing I need to sync Outlook Tasks with my iPhone? And if I do use Appigo ToDo, is it a fairly simple process to install it, set it up, and make it work with Outlook Tasks? Appreciate any responses 🙂

  23. Sherwin Levinson says:

    This is very disappointing.

    Appigo says “Synchronization Error, Appigo Sync Busy”, but it does appear to sync the tasks despite this error. However, it does NOT sync alerts, though Appigo claims they do (

    Neither does Guided Ways’ 2Do.

    At least Appigo does seem to support every kind of recurrence Outlook has, which 2Do does not.

    However, a tasks app that doesn’t provide reminders is pretty useless.

  24. Sherwin Levinson says:

    Update to my July 14 comment: Appigo Sync and Todo DOES work with Outlook, including alerts and most recurrence patterns. The problem was too many completed tasks hanging around. I solved the problem by making Outlook’s autoarchive a little more agressive on archiving old tasks. I could have accomplished the same by deleting completed tasks after some period of time, but I like to keep the record of when tasks were completed.

  25. when I got to step 5 for synchronization, I did not see the 2 options for synchronization methods. It shows Toodledo service. There is an line for “switch services” which asks: connection information for your current sync service will be cleared” – not sure what this means so I stopped. I question if this means you can only sync wirelessly between iphone and Outlook directly and not through Toodledo? Is that correct? The need for the online tasks (toodledo) would be to sync with a second version of outlook (i.e. home and work). Seems like I’m not understanding something about this?

  26. So I’ve got my passcode to sync the phone with appigo now when I open appigo it doesn’t list my phone in the devices. HELP I really need to link outlook and my phone!

  27. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes that will make the most significant changes. Many thanks for sharing!

  28. I love getting help from knowledged people! They’re so informative.

  29. The lastest Appigo Todo iPhone App no longer, repeat NO LONGER syncs with Outlook. Additionally, Appigo Sync is no longer available. If you don’t have it you’re sunk, and if you don’t have an older version of Todo, you’re sunk again, because the new version doesn’t recognize Appigo Sync if you happen to have it.

    I strongly suggest a major update to this article or its complete removal. Appigo didn’t even have the courtesy to email their customers they were disabling the app.

    • mauranevel says:

      Thanks for responding! You are correct and I have updated the post with my newest recommendations.

  30. I agree that this is more complicated that it should be and perhaps this is not what I need. I use an Outlook calendar on my iPad. The calendar seems to be part of my Hotmail account. I would like my wife to be able to view it on her iPhone and iPad. She uses gcal. My calendar allows me to share by getting a link and sending it to her (supposedly), but when I try to view the link, I can only see part of it in the window and I can’t scroll horizontially in the window or copy all the link. Is there something I can do?

    • mauranevel says:

      Dr. Tom, thanks for reading and commenting. Given that you and your wife both use Apple products, why not use the iCal? You can sync to all of your devices and share with each other easily via iCloud. Perhaps this page will help you: Thanks again for reading!

  31. Thank you so much for this. I am a GTD lover and can’t live without my task list. It transferred my categories and everything. I’m using an iPhone 4S and syncing with Office 2013 version of outlook. Thanks you so much for taking the time to update the instructions – it worked wonderfully.

  32. Sherwin Levinson says:

    Sorry – hadn’t remember this link when I posted comment elsewhere. If you’re not using Exchange Server, gSyncit on Windows and Toodledo work great to sync Outlook tasks both with Outloook on other Windows machines and with iPhone/iPad. I also use it to sync calendars using Google Calendar as my online version. Working out the settings is a little tricky, but I’d be happy to share screen shots of all the settings (except my logins, of course 🙂

  33. I’d like to add Akruto’s name into the hat of software that can to sync Outlook with iPhone. I had been using Akruto to sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with my Galaxy phone. Then Akruto added iPhone and iPad support last year and now I sent with multiple devices including an iPad. Nice people too. Check them out:

  34. Walker T says:

    I’d like to suggest trying Akruto ( It syncs iPhone Reminders with Outlook Tasks. It doesn’t add another app to the iPhone like some apps do. It also works seamlessly with Notes, Calendar and Contacts. It’s not free, but you can try it to see if you like it.

  35. Nick smith says:

    for users of exchange…. IMexchanges no longer seems to work reliably on the latest iPhone operating systems. I will try tasktask. thanks for the pointer.

  36. Thank you for your information – TASKTASK works fine for my needs.

  37. Donci27 says:

    I use RemindersPro.
    It has workflows to automatically move and reprioritize reminders. And these changes will even be reflected in your iOS Reminders app. E.g. If you have a “Call” list and you say to Siri “Remind me to call mom” then it will automatically move it in there. Or you can set up a rule to move reminders containing your boss’s name into your “Work” folder.

  38. R.S.Branton says:

    Easiest way so far which I have located to sync outlook with iPhone was to use Sync2. It took my tasks and transferred them from Outlook to Google and back, then I could use any Google Tasks app from store to access them and modify.
    Next to that it also allows to synchronize Calendar and Contacts, and all of this this done automatically. You can check it in their website.

  39. Todd jackson says:

    I use EVO Collaborator for Outlook to synchronize my iCloud tasks between my iPhone and Outlook 2016 for Windows. This Outlook add-in is like one of the utility software mentioned in this article. Initially, I focused on syncing calendars and I was using iCloud Control Panel. Later on, I found that iCloud folders of contact, calendar and task cannot be used as Outlook default folder. This often gives me a headache that I have to always click into icloud folders before creating new entries. Maybe you can give it a try.

  40. I’ve been able to sync my Outlook 2016 tasks to the cloud (and to my iPhone Reminders app), and vice-versa, without needing an Exchange server – using iCloud and the iCloud desktop app for Windows ( I am using Windows 7, which might be helping me – I’ve heard later releases of Windows have had more trouble with the iCloud desktop app – but it’s possible Apple has updated their iCloud app and it is working more smoothly with the most recent editions of Windows. (It’s worth a shot!)

    Obviously first make sure you have your iCloud account (Apple account) set up, and make sure you can access all the Apple apps at (Mail, Calendar, Reminders, etc.).

    Then you download the iCloud desktop app and set it to sync ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks’ during set-up. Once you’ve done that, iCloud will appear in Outlook 2016 as one of the accounts, and your iCloud Reminders will appear in Outlook Tasks under ‘iCloud’.

    The syncing works well for all basic Task functions, including:
    – Task / Reminder text
    – priority
    – scheduled reminders / notifications (You can *set* scheduled reminders in either Outlook or the iCloud / iOS Reminders app, and the notifications will work in the Apple apps – on the web or on your mobile device – but for some reason Outlook will not give notifications for tasks in the iCloud tasks list. If you’ve normally got your mobile device with you, this might not be a big deal.)

    The interfacing doesn’t work for the more detailed Outlook task functions, like assigning the tasks, etc., but if you’re just looking to categorize tasks into lists, set priorities, and set up notifications, this works just fine.

    Thanks for this page! It is very useful 🙂

  41. Hi. I sync my iPhone reminders to outlook via the hotmail exchange server and that my reoccurring reminder alert notifications no longer come up on my phone. This occurs when the reminder notification comes up on outlook and I hit dismiss. How do I get around this?


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