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Sometimes a “time management” problem is really a culture problem. If your team is facing a high-pressure environment, having trouble prioritizing, and getting distracted easily, then traditional time management training is unlikely to offer the solution. You may have a corporate culture problem unintentionally reinforced by senior leadership. In order to solve this problem, your culture needs a reset, and your leadership needs to model effective behaviors.

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If your team has been through Empowered Productivity training, it’s time to ensure that your leadership and your culture don’t get in the way of successful implementation.

If they haven’t, start with this training for leadership productivity, because management has a disproportionate impact on your corporate culture, and therefore on the success of any training you roll out.

This half-day training for leadership productivity will shine a light on how your culture could be an obstacle to your team’s ability to improve their results. It will teach your leadership team and managers the most effective behaviors to model. Participants will identify and devise strategies to solve problems on some or all of the following topics around leadership productivity, customized to your unique situation:

  • Any skills gaps in managing the high-pressure, technology-rich, constantly-changing work environment faced by knowledge workers today. This enables executives to more effectively lead, allocate resources, and hold people accountable.
  • How the idea of “time management” may actually be sabotaging productivity at your organization, and the mastery of it’s replacement: attention management.
  • Maximizing knowledge work: when your employees’ brain is the tool of their trade, you need to support their ability to “bring their A game” every day.
  • Company communication channels: your habits and practices might be unintentionally undermining flow and disrupting high-quality work.
  • Vacation policies, downtime, and expectations of availability: no one can get a fresh perspective on something they never step away from. Inspiration and motivation need to be replenished, and the organization should maximize return on investment in paid vacation.
  • Your “open door policy:” it may be disempowering your staff.
  • The office environment: your open-office floor plan (or the one you’re considering) may save on real estate expenses, but it could also sabotage focus, engagement, and productivity. Some small changes in your existing floor plan can solve problems you may be having; some advice before rolling out your new floor plan can potentially save millions.
  • Have you examined your remote work policies lately? Are your telecommuters set up for success and managed effectively?

This training will raise awareness of a culture that was likely created without intention, and how it may be undermining the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization. It provides a blueprint for course correction, for both leadership productivity and corporate culture impacting your team’s effectiveness.

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