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“Employers who take the initiative and invest in customized technology, tools and training can avoid significant costs in lost productivity. In fact, businesses that really come to grips with this problem could gain a competitive advantage over companies that do not.”

Michael Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis, who commissioned the 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey

Managing the Madness:  Turning Information into Knowledge

-Do you have staff members who seem to be drowning in their office or their work?
-Is email overload an issue in your organization?
-Do you or members of your team struggle with productivity?

Stressed Out? Regain Your Time

Successful professionals have their hands full.  And most are also dedicated to a balanced life, and time with family and friends.  This creates more communication, more responsibilities, and more commitments.  Not to mention an endless to-do list.  And thanks to the Information Age, any person, or digital device, anywhere in the world, can send you any piece of information in a matter of seconds, in several different ways.  Communication has become a source of unlimited distraction.  All of these things combine to create an environment in which too much of our valuable time is spent being reactive, and too little time is spent being proactive.  The result is that in spite of being “busy” all day, in truth we often get very little of the meaningful stuff done.

Managing the Madness: Turning Information into Knowledge is a workshop that will teach you and your team the Empowered ProductivityTM System for the management of commitments, communication, and information.  Implementing this System will increase accountability, lower stress levels, and decrease mistakes throughout your organization.  It will also:

  • arm your staff with all the skills they need to regain control over their endless to-do lists,
  • teach them the truth about multi-tasking & brain function
  • improve the effectiveness of communication within your organization
  • help them prevent things from falling through the cracks, and
  • empower them to break the reactive habit, and be consistently productive & proactive.

By the end of the complete workshop, your team will have:

  • a useful system for managing their workload,
  • a plan to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed that sneaks up on us all,
  • techniques to avoid procrastination,
  • learned tips & techniques for getting maximum effectiveness from their electronic tools (PC, Mac, handheld, and web-based),
  • a logical, repeatable system for managing paper and email
  • the tools to manage both internal and external demands on their attention
  • a process to gain peace of mind knowing that everything is under control, and
  • the ability to be constantly proactive, in five minutes or five hours.

Standard training is available in sessions of 1-8 hours, and pricing is dependent on number of people trained and length of the program.  Fully customized sessions to address the specific needs of your organization are always available.  Other optional modules:

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