Personal Productivity Training


Empowered Productivity Training for Individuals

Professionals today are busier than ever.  But we are also dedicated to a balanced information overloadlife and time with family and friends.  This creates more communication, responsibilities, and commitments than ever before.  Not to mention an endless to-do list.  It creates an environment where we spend all of our time being reactive, and very little time being proactive.  The result is that although we seem to be busy all day, in truth we get very little of the important stuff done.

Few people have learned the skills necessary to balance these increased demands on our time.  Even the most organized people are finding themselves overwhelmed and stressed out.  A calendar and an address book, even the electronic versions, just don’t cut it anymore.

control information overload like a faucetBut there IS hope.  Empowered Productivity Training will arm you with the skills you need to regain control over incoming information (voicemail, email, phone calls, unexpected visits, paper management, etc.), while still being productive and proactive.


Training is delivered online, on-demand. For more information, visit Empowered Productivity online.