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The best way to learn the Empowered Productivity System is via group training delivered on-site at your organization.

Please visit Training for Groups and Teams to learn more about that, fill out the request form here, or call 424-226-2872.

If you are interested in personal productivity training just for yourself, check out Empowered Productivity online. personal productivity training

Also for individualsPersonal Productivity Secrets is a great way to learn how to control your attention and your life using the Empowered Productivity System.  It is available most anywhere books are sold, in print, audio, and e-book formats, and it comes with the Empowered Personal Productivity Secrets bookProductivity online program.

Working at peak productivity means replacing unproductive habits with new behaviors, but behavioral changes are difficult.  That’s why our personal productivity training includes lots of follow-up. This follow-up program will help you:

  • overcome stumbling blocks inherent in learning any new process,
  • answer questions relative to YOUR work and YOUR tools,
  • shorten the time it takes you to begin working at PEAK productivity
  • eliminate habits that aren’t serving you
  • help you identify software, apps, & devices that will simplify your life,
  • learn the details of the Weekly Update, the critical success factor to full implementation of the Empowered Productivity System.

Personal Productivity Secrets book and Empowered Productivity online personal productivity training both offer a follow-up program.

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