Productivity Secrets for Building a Better Network

I recently had a chance to sit down (virtually) with Steve Harper and Drew Bixby, my friends and two of the founders of Promptivate, which is a fantastic new tool that makes it easy for you to strengthen your connections and add value to your network.  We discussed how to “make time” to do the […]

Using Technology to Tame Your Email Inbox – Part 2

In part 1 of Using Technology to Tame Your Email Inbox, I discussed email management, both a methodology and a new tool I love.  There is another type of technology that takes communication you receive in one format, such as time-sensitive emails, or DMs on Twitter, and turns them into different communications that are more […]

Using Technology to Tame Your Email Inbox – Part 1

Tons of productivity apps and new tech products come to market every month. How do you know which ones are worth your time and effort? I recently explored two new apps that support productive email management. To help save you time and effort, I want to share my experiences with a spam filter called SpamDrain, […]

Apple’s Big Failure

Admittedly, I am an Apple fan.  I love my MacBook Pro, and I am anxiously awaiting the next version of the iPad.  And I’ve written many times about all the ways I use and love my iPhone. But really, I can’t believe that Apple got something so basic, so very wrong.  I’ve written about how […]

Thinking About a New Bluetooth Headset?

Ok, so I claim that I am not much of a “techie,” and compared to many of my friends in Austin, (which feels like the tech capital of the world!) I’m not much of one. But I admit to taking advantage of cool tools, gadgets, and apps that make my life easier (for more on […]

Confessions of a (Highly Productive) iPhone Addict: UPDATE

Since I wrote this post, I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from people who said they found it helpful.  And now that I’ve had my iPhone for even longer, and upgraded more than once, I use it even more than I did before.  And if you read that post, you know it was a lot then.  I […]

Using Technology to Bring More Control into Your Life

In some ways, we are more connected than ever:  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube…these tools give us unprecedented opportunity to connect with and attract the attention of people who in the past seemed much farther removed: celebrities, politicians, corporate executives. I’m also beginning to realize that technology provides plenty of tools to keep others at […]

Confessions of a (Highly Productive) iPhone Addict

(also read the update to this post here.) I’ve heard people say many times that they don’t want an iPhone or a “CrackBerry” because they don’t want to be that connected.  “People already have too many ways to reach me, I don’t want to have to be available 24/7.”  My response is always the same:  you don’t.  Just […]