Email Tips to Boost Productivity

We all want to spend less time dealing with our inboxes. Hiver is a Gmail collaboration tool, and its founder, Niraj Ranjan Rout, shared with me some of his favorite email tips to boost productivity. I combined his tips with some of my own, below… Consider Email Forwarding Rules Email forwarding allows you to direct selected messages to another address the […]

Outlook Tips 2: Create a Task or Calendar Item from Email

In Empowered Productivity Training, you learn the best way to keep your inbox at zero — it is possible —  is to create calendar items and tasks from your emails. But often you need to transfer the information from the email into another format. Let’s say someone sends you an email with the details of […]

Syncing Outlook Data to iPhone and Android

NOTE:  I posted this article in March of 2012.  The most recent update was 4/11/16. Many things have changed, and I don’t think there is much risk of losing your Outlook data anymore.  But in case you are the cautious type… I came across an interesting article in my tweet stream recently, written by the […]

Track Conversations with “Post in this Folder”

As I explain in my training on the Empowered Productivity System, keeping details in your head causes stress — for example, that racing brain that keeps you awake at night. You might track information well when it’s an email or other electronic or physical format, but what about a conversation?  Have you ever emailed yourself?  […]

How to Sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone

UPDATE: 4/11/16: I have removed old content on this post that no longer worked and replaced it with options that work as of today.  I will do my best to keep this post updated as technology changes.  Thanks for visiting! Note that this post refers to syncing Outlook for WINDOWS (all versions, as far as […]

What’s a PST File and Why Should You Care?

Do you use Microsoft Outlook?  If not, you can stop reading now.  But, if you use Outlook for email, or your calendar, or anything else, this is important information that you’ll want to know.  PST is the extension of the file that contains all of your Outlook data, and if you’ve got anything in yours, […]

Do You Need a CRM?

I was at a meeting recently and my table-mates started a discussion about contact management solutions.  I hear this often.  People need a tool to manage their contacts, so they begin to consider ACT or other CRM software.  The bigger question that people don’t consider is that of a productivity management solution, of which contacts is […]