Should You Schedule Tasks on Your Calendar?

Some productivity experts recommend that you schedule tasks you want to accomplish on your calendar each day. I don’t, and I wanted to tell you a little more about why I think this practice won’t help your productivity. This topic is on my mind because of a recent Fast Company article called “8 Productivity Habits […]

For Managing Email, Make This Surprising Mental Shift

Managing email requires both the right tools and the right mindset. There’s one deceptively simple idea about email that most people overlook. And because they do, they stay mired in email stress. Ready? Here it is: Email is real work that takes real time. I talked about this idea in a guest article for the Citrix […]

Why Time Management Training Holds You Back

I was flattered to learn recently that my article in the Harvard Business Review (Time Management Training Doesn’t Work) inspired strong feelings in a student of time management who felt compelled to write a rebuttal. I understand this doctoral student’s resistance; change inspires evaluation and examination. I’m surprised, though, at how strongly people seem to […]

5 Tips for Organized Spaces

I specialize in personal productivity and achieving your significant results, not residential organizing. But I know that being surrounded by clutter in your personal space definitely has an affect on your productivity. For more on this, I called on my friend and certified professional organizer, Janice Russell to share some great ideas. Organized Spaces, by […]

Secrets of a Productive Book Launch Party! =)

We had a big party in Austin last week to celebrate the successful launch of my first book, Personal Productivity Secrets.  It was so much fun and I have many people to thank!  It was held in the gallery of the beautiful Chez Zee restaurant, and I’d like to offer a special thanks to Johanna, […]

Advice is Always Free, Part 3

Catch up with Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been discussing the idea of giving people access to you, for free, to “pick your brain.”  I discovered that I seem to disagree somewhat with the “common widsom” that professionals perhaps shouldn’t do this, and I’ve so far […]

Advice is Always Free, Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned some great blog posts by my friends Thom Singer and Scott Ingram about professionals giving away their time for free.  I must admit that I completely disagreed with my memory of their posts.  But going back to read them again, I don’t disagree so much.  They don’t really say that professionals should […]

Advice is Always Free, Part 1

So, I’ve had this policy unofficially for most of the time I’ve been in business.  I’ve been actively promoting it for a couple of years or more.  I “borrowed” it from my friend Ilene.  I tell people to call me or email me anytime they have a question or an issue they think I can […]

Focus? Did Someone Say Focus?

If you’ve spent some time on this site you may have realized that I spend a lot of time reading and sharing the latest research and studies about focus, attention, and productivity. My friend Carlon, the man behind the very entertaining blog, Don’t Step in the Poop, has written a lighthearted and probably very familiar […]

Turning Productivity into Passion, Part 2

A while ago I wrote about one of the greatest benefits of increased productivity: the extra time it allows you to give back to a cause you believe in.  I am fortunate to be on the board of an Austin non-profit called GENaustin (Girls Empowerment Network). GEN’s mission is to foster healthy self esteem in […]