Mindfulness App Review: Buddhify

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Buddhify, my favorite mindfulness app. Maybe you’re thinking, “What does mindfulness have to do with productivity?” As it turns out, there’s a strong link between the two. Research shows us the power of mindfulness to change how we work. The benefits of mindfulness meditation practices include improved decision-making, relationships and […]

Give Your To-Do List a Boost with These Tips

When your to-do list feels out of control, try thinking small. That’s one of my strategies featured in the article “The 12 Secrets of Productive Entrepreneurs” on the blog for the e-learning site Daily Bits Of. The article’s author, Mickey Gast, noticed how much distraction and multitasking derailed her productivity. So she collected ideas from entrepreneurs […]

Productivity for Parents: Maximize Your Lunch Hour

Productivity for parents doesn’t mean squeezing in some work anytime you have a spare moment. I recently shared some ideas for a Fast Company article called “Six Ways Parents Can Make the Most of Their Lunch Hour,” although these tips apply to anyone, not just parents. As writer Lisa Rabasca Roepe says in the introduction […]

A Productivity Trainer Takes a Coffee Break

You might not expect subjects like chocolate, exercise and “The Blacklist” to come up when you go for coffee with a productivity trainer. But that’s what happened when Melissa Lombard featured me on her blog Coffee With a Stranger. Melissa works in real estate in Austin and, for almost three years, she’s been doing a […]

How Corporate Culture Affects Productivity

(Are You Making Your Employees Less Productive?) Often overlooked in organizations, especially large ones, is the fact that productivity, happiness, and engagement are all related.  Employees who are happier and more satisfied at work are more productive and more engaged in the mission of the organization. There are several ways to impact the happiness of […]

What it Means to Control Your Attention

The more I study productivity and effectiveness, the more I have become convinced that it has led me to the secret of life.  I believe that control, and specifically, control over your own attention, is the secret to peak productivity and to living a life of choice. I call this “attention management,” and this belief […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity with Attention Management

If you’re familiar with my work, you know that I believe that time management is an outdated concept and what matters more in the 21st century is attention management. Your ability to control your attention will be your greatest asset in the coming decades, but this is a skill like any other: if you don’t […]

Mindful Busyness Fuels Your Productivity

In my last post, I discussed the points made in The Busy Trap article from the New York Times, which portrayed the “dark side” of busyness.  The good news is that busyness due to ambition or drive does not have to produce the same results as busyness fueled by anxiety or dread. Based on my […]

Busyness is Not the Same as Productivity

How are you? Busy? I can relate. But there are two kinds of “busy.” Which one are you? There was a recent New York Times essay (The Busy Trap) about people who are anxious and unhappy because of the demands on their time. It describes people who seem overscheduled and overwhelmed, who are unavailable to […]

Tip for Effective Attention Management: Take a vacation

(A version of this article was recently published in the Austin Business Journal.  Below I’ll cover some of the high points of that piece.) Think you don’t have time to take a vacation? Think you can’t afford it? Think again. Recent studies make a convincing argument that you can’t afford not to take a vacation.  […]