Mindfulness App Review: Buddhify

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Buddhify, my favorite mindfulness app. Maybe you’re thinking, “What does mindfulness have to do with productivity?” As it turns out, there’s a strong link between the two. Research shows us the power of mindfulness to change how we work. The benefits of mindfulness meditation practices include improved decision-making, relationships and […]

Apple’s Big Failure

Admittedly, I am an Apple fan.  I love my MacBook Pro, and I am anxiously awaiting the next version of the iPad.  And I’ve written many times about all the ways I use and love my iPhone. But really, I can’t believe that Apple got something so basic, so very wrong.  I’ve written about how […]

How to Sync Outlook Tasks with iPhone

UPDATE: 4/11/16: I have removed old content on this post that no longer worked and replaced it with options that work as of today.  I will do my best to keep this post updated as technology changes.  Thanks for visiting! Note that this post refers to syncing Outlook for WINDOWS (all versions, as far as […]

More iPhone & Other Technology Conveniences

I was hired to give a keynote presentation in San Antonio this weekend, where I stayed overnight, and on the drive home I was marveling over the technology that made the trip so enjoyable and convenient for me. Since it was a Friday, I suggested my husband take the day off and join me for […]

Confessions of a (Highly Productive) iPhone Addict: UPDATE

Since I wrote this post, I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from people who said they found it helpful.  And now that I’ve had my iPhone for even longer, and upgraded more than once, I use it even more than I did before.  And if you read that post, you know it was a lot then.  I […]

Confessions of a (Highly Productive) iPhone Addict

(also read the update to this post here.) I’ve heard people say many times that they don’t want an iPhone or a “CrackBerry” because they don’t want to be that connected.  “People already have too many ways to reach me, I don’t want to have to be available 24/7.”  My response is always the same:  you don’t.  Just […]