Email Management Tool Review: Throttle

Update: 10/9/17: See the comments below. Users are reporting some difficulties. I occasionally have minor problems but as of now, I still recommend the product for non-critical, shopping and newsletter-type messages. [End update.] If you’re looking for an email management tool to help get your inbox under control, let me introduce to you Throttle. I’ve […]

Checking Email After Work Is Common–But Unproductive

Are you in the habit of checking email outside of the office? If so, how does this habit affect your life? asked its readers to weigh in on questions like these after one of my articles for the site, “Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team,” struck a chord. The responses to the survey give […]

Effective Communication Means Taming Your Email

Remember back when we thought email was going to be a breakthrough for effective communication at the office? Today, we’re more likely to view email as a major annoyance and, worse, a distraction from the meaningful work we really should be doing. Writing for Huffpost Business, etiquette consultant Jodi R.R. Smith has compiled a roundup […]

3 Steps to Quickly Catching Up on Email After Vacation

“Conventional Wisdom” when it comes to vacations has two big problems: People skip vacation altogether with the rationalization that it would just mean working twice as hard before and after, so it’s not worth it. (43% of Americans don’t take all of their vacation time, and Americans get less paid vacation than workers in any […]

CRM, PIM, PCM – Oh My! What Types of Contact Managers Do You Need?

I often hear from people who are confused about a good solution for managing their contacts.  I tell them our conversation needs to begin with identifying the needs for the contacts, and I’ve found that for some people, a combination of tools is the right answer for them. The first use of contact tools is […]

Effective Communication: Use a Talk To List

The thoughts ping you at random: “I need to talk to Brenda about pushing back this deliverable…” An hour later: “I have to ask Joe about the pricing for the client proposal….”  Twenty minutes after that: “I wonder if Luis has finished researching new project management tools….” If you stop and act, every time it […]

Keeping Up with Communication: Convenience vs. Control

How do you keep up with social media?  How do you find the time?  I get asked some version of this question every day, and in fact I deliver trainings on the topic.  The tools you choose to use have a huge impact on how well you can keep up with the flood of communication caused […]

Is “Effective Meetings” an OxyMoron?

How to Ensure Productive Meetings, whether you’re the host or an attendee It doesn’t have to be, although that seems to be status quo in larger companies these days, and sometimes even in smaller ones.  Here are some things to consider to make meetings at your organization more effective. As yourself if it’s appropriate to […]

Mastering Control Over Email & Twitter, Conclusion

One last thing I want to address is something I get asked about a lot, which is how to file your email messages that you don’t want to delete.  It’s actually an easy answer. The way that I suggest you file is categorically, breaking things down into the major areas of your life.  For me […]

Mastering Control Over Email & Twitter, Step 4

A couple of days ago I promised you 4 steps to conquering your email.  In the last few days, I’ve written about 3:  learning to controlling the information using a process, learning to control the technology, and learning to control your behavior.  They are easy in the sense that they are not complicated or difficult […]