Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s the Way Out

One reader tells why Maura Nevel Thomas' book Personal Productivity Secrets was a game-changer when he was feeling overwhelmed.

Do more with less. Those words permeate most workplaces today, leaving employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed and baffled about how to navigate everything expected of them. That’s the situation that “David,” a project control engineer working in construction in the Northeast, found himself in. (I’m using a pseudonym to protect his privacy—his boss doesn’t know how overwhelmed […]

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Why Time Management Training Holds You Back

Time management training still has useful concepts. But it hasn't kept up with changes in how we work.

I was flattered to learn recently that my article in the Harvard Business Review (Time Management Training Doesn’t Work) inspired strong feelings in a student of time management who felt compelled to write a rebuttal. I understand this doctoral student’s resistance; change inspires evaluation and examination. I’m surprised, though, at how strongly people seem to […]

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Not As Productive As You Could Be? Here’s the Secret

Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says you need a a personal workflow management system

If you’ve been trying increase your productivity (your ability to achieve your significant results) but you can’t seem to make progress, the secret weapon you’re missing might be a personal workflow management system. This kind of system is at the heart of what I teach and write about, because I know it gets results. Here’s a […]

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Need to Stay Focused? Tune Out Distractions at Work

Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas recommends Focus@Will to tune out work distractions.

Last week, I talked about some ideas for staying productive in open workspaces. For more tips on dealing with the distractions at work and the and disruptions of an open office, check out this article I was interviewed for on Forbes.com. According to the Forbes article: Research from the University of California, Irvine, found that the […]

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4 Ideas to Make Open Workspaces More Productive

Open workspaces should still include quieter, more private areas, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas of regainyourtime.com says.

Open workspaces are the norm in today’s offices. But does this kind of floor plan help or hinder productivity? Claudia Grisales, a business columnist at my local newspaper, the Austin-American Statesman, took on that topic recently, and I shared some thoughts for her article: “There is a great deal of research, as well as anecdotal […]

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Delegating Pays: Are You Missing An Opportunity?

Delegating work increases productivity, according to Maura Nevel Thomas

Let’s bring back administrative support staff for executive delegating. (If you’ve read my book, you know I call this “empowering” yourself and others.) Leaders and specialized workers used to routinely be able to hand off administrative work and other tasks that didn’t make the best use of their time. That’s hard to imagine now in […]

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Sleep and Productivity: Is It Time For a Nap?

sleep and productivity

Sleep and productivity might seem at odds with each other. In some fields, people even boast about their crazy hours or how little sleep they get. But that kind of thinking is misguided. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make clear that our collective lack of sleep is dangerous to both our […]

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Email Management Tool Review: Throttle

Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas recommends the Throttle email management tool.

If you’re looking for an email management tool to help get your inbox under control, let me introduce to you Throttle. I’ve been using Throttle for a couple of months now, and I officially love it! I love it so much, in fact, that I’ll be recommending Throttle in the next edition of my book, […]

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Productivity for Parents: Maximize Your Lunch Hour

Productivity for Parents: Use your lunch hour to clear your head, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

Productivity for parents doesn’t mean squeezing in some work anytime you have a spare moment. I recently shared some ideas for a Fast Company article called “Six Ways Parents Can Make the Most of Their Lunch Hour,” although these tips apply to anyone, not just parents. As writer Lisa Rabasca Roepe says in the introduction […]

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Checking Email After Work Is Common–But Unproductive

checking email

Are you in the habit of checking email outside of the office? If so, how does this habit affect your life? HBR.org asked its readers to weigh in on questions like these after one of my articles for the site, “Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team,” struck a chord. The responses to the survey give […]

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