Stressed at Work? Blame These Habits

Never unplugging is one of the habits that set you up for feeling stressed at work, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

With today’s technology, we have more freedom in when and where we do our jobs. But sometimes that’s also the very thing that leaves us feeling stressed at work. I talked about this conundrum recently with business and technology writer Minda Zetlin for an Inc. Magazine online article. In our conversation, we covered six habits […]

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6 Tips for Productive Business Travel

Business travelers can make their lives easier with smart planning and delegating, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

If you have frequent business travel, you know that being away from your home base can do a number on your productivity and your stress levels. But you can make the most of your time on the road while you ensure things are running smoothly back at the office. It just takes smart planning and delegating. […]

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Work-Life Balance: Set Your Boundaries

work life balance

Work-life balance has long been a hot-button topic in business. And it probably will be for some time to come. That’s because technology increasingly blurs the boundaries between our work and personal lives. I’ll take an in-depth look at work-life balance in my upcoming book, “Work Without Walls.” In the meantime, I shared some ideas about […]

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Why Project Management Tools Must Change

Project management tools need better integration with individuals' personal productivity systems, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

Personal productivity tools make managing your own workload easier. And project management tools help with wrangling group work. But there’s a big gap between the two, and that’s a problem. Think about all the tasks on your plate for the next week or so. Some of those tasks belong only to you. They’re your responsibility, […]

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Head Off the Monday Blues

If you tend to get the Monday blues, take a look at how you spend your Sundays.

If you feel energized and productive on Monday, it sets the tone for the whole week. All too often, though, going back to work brings on a case of the Monday blues. Sometimes it’s because you’re grumpy about everything you’re dreading at the office. Or maybe your weekend just wasn’t very restful and restorative. For a […]

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Should You Schedule Tasks on Your Calendar?

Productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says it's inefficient to schedule tasks on your calendar.

Some productivity experts recommend that you schedule tasks you want to accomplish on your calendar each day. I don’t, and I wanted to tell you a little more about why I think this practice won’t help your productivity. This topic is on my mind because of a recent Fast Company article called “8 Productivity Habits […]

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Excited About a New Productivity Tool? Read This First

A new productivity tool isn't a magical solution, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

Have you ever thought you discovered the perfect productivity tool for yourself or your team — only to find that it didn’t really make a difference after all? In my latest article for Harvard Business Review, I explain why this happens. And I give some tips for choosing a productivity tool that you won’t abandon […]

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The More Efficient Way to Schedule Meetings

Improving the way you schedule meetings can enhance your productivity, productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

How much time do you spend going back and forth with others via email to schedule meetings — and then, all too frequently, to reschedule them? Ross McCammon wrote a funny and useful column for the July issue of Entrepreneur magazine about how to reschedule more efficiently, and I’m happy to be part of it. […]

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For Managing Email, Make This Surprising Mental Shift

Managing email more effectively means treating it like 'real work,' productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas says.

Managing email requires both the right tools and the right mindset. There’s one deceptively simple idea about email that most people overlook. And because they do, they stay mired in email stress. Ready? Here it is: Email is real work that takes real time. I talked about this idea in a guest article for the Citrix […]

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How to Focus When Distractions Are Everywhere

For tips on how to focus, listen to Maura Nevel Thomas' interview on the 'Distraction' podcast.

I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Ned Hallowell’s for years. So it was a thrill for me to appear on his new podcast, “Distraction.” Our topic? How to focus and manage your attention in today’s distraction-filled workplace. A psychiatrist, speaker and author, Dr. Hallowell poses this vital question about how technology affects our work: […]

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