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Productivity and effectiveness expert Maura Thomas helps people take control of their busy lives at work and at home so that they achieve their significant results.  Maura is an international speaker, trainer, and thought-leader, and was invited to literally ‘write the book’ on productivity for one of the largest publishers in the world.

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At your event, Maura will share the truth about goal achievement, from everyday goals to life goals.  As a guest speaker, her unique message that “attention management” is the secret to getting more done will have your audience viewing productivity in a whole new way.  She debunks the myths about “time management” and “information overload,” empowering listeners with secrets and strategies to:

  • More easily manage all the details of life and work
  • Master technology that supports productivity — or sabotages it,
  • Find joy and exhilaration in daily activities, not just exhaustion,
  • Lower stress, and improve clarity and peace of mind.

Her unique and effective approach to productivity has made Maura Thomas a featured expert in hundreds of local and national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company, Entrepreneur.com, US News and World Report, and the Huffington Post, to name a few.  Her entertaining and engaging presentations, supported by the runaway success of Personal Productivity Secrets, will be the highlight of any event that aims to motivate, inspire, and empower its audience.

Her speaking services include presentations, keynotes, conference breakout sessions and workshops in a variety of topics relating to productivity, motivation, and effectiveness. A sample of topics appears below.  Maura is a member of the distinguished speakers and authors at Wiley Authorities Speak and Vistage CEO Network.

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Maura Thomas Speaking Topics

Strategic Presentations

Strategic Presentations challenge participants to think about common concepts in fresh and unique ways that are better suited for the technological realities of the 21st century. Strategic Presentations make excellent Keynotes at conferences and other industry events, especially those targeted at C-level executives. Sample titles:

  • Control Your Actions, Change Your Life
  • Kick Time Management to the Curb – Attention Management is the Skill You Need
  • Control Your Attention, Control Your Life
  • The Future Belongs to the Focused!
  • Time Management is Out! What’s Next?
  • ‘Time Management’ is Sabotaging Your Productivity!
  • Social Media and Your Child: What You Need to Know (Appropriate for Parent Groups)
  • Have a presentation customized to support the theme of your event and/or the interests of your attendees

Tactical Presentations

These can be viewed as “mini-trainings,” and leave participants with specific techniques and strategies that they can implement immediately to regain control over the details of their lives and work. Tactical presentations are appropriate for conference breakout sessions and can provide an excellent follow-up to Keynote presentations.  These are also appropriate for corporate retreats when time doesn’t allow for full-blown training.  Sample titles:

  • Empowered Productivity: Winning the War Against Information Overload
  • How to Be An Action Hero! The Success Secrets of the 21st Century
  • Managing Workplace Distractions: Find Your Flow and Unleash Your Genius!
  • The 3 “P’s” of Empowered Productivity
  • If I’m So Busy, Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?
  • Regain Control! Where to Start When You’re Overwhelmed
  • Think Outside the Inbox! Getting Back on the Path to Success
  • Have a presentation customized to support the theme of your event and/or the needs of your attendees

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