Are you or your employees struggling
to manage the details of your busy lives at work and at home?

Empowered Productivity helps you and your team win the war against information overload.

Regain Your Time provides all you need to know about regaining control, better managing the details of a busy life and work, lowering stress, and achieving your significant results! We help people improve their productivity with training from the perspective that attention management is the new path to productivity.

We service busy people and teams who love their lives but sometimes wish those lives were a little less exhausting! If you are looking for productivity tools and resources for yourself, you’ll find lots of information here.

If you need training for a group or team on things like task and priority management, email management, time management, organization, effective communication, workflow processes, how to make the best use of tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google, Mac tools, smartphones, and tablets, you’ve also come to the right place. We help to bridge the gap between behavioral processes and technology to enable productive, empowered, and energized individuals and teams.

Productivity Speaker and Training Maura Thomas - Regain Your TimeLastly, if you are looking for an entertaining, educational, and motivational speaker for a corporate retreat or meeting, a conference, or any other type of event, you’ll find what you need here. Attendees at Maura’s presentations have said things like:

  • She was so much fun to watch!
  • This presentation was engaging and educational. Bravo!
  • I felt like she was a fly on the wall of my office – she understands exactly what I have to deal with daily!
  • I think that talk has just changed my life! Wow!

Our Productivity Services Include:

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