The Path To Peak Performance

Stay sane, achieve results, realize a high-quality employee experience, and successfully balance work and life in today’ s always-on business environment by recognizing attention management™ as the new path to peak productivity and living a life of choice.

Today’s knowledge workers are churning out work in an all-access, always-on economy. They become buried in details, stress and distraction. Even if they love their work, it can be exhausting; their results suffer and work/life balance becomes a distant memory.

The only way to achieve peak performance both personally and organizationally is to manage your attention and commit to managing, living and delivering a quality employee experience that supports high-quality knowledge work.

To gain a fresh approach in habits, behavioral processes and technology to enable truly productive, empowered and energized individuals and teams, outside support is critical. Why? Because the familiar is now the ‘norm’ for you and your organization. Individual behavior and corporate culture evolves over time, without intention, and sabotages performance. This is where we can help.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining, educational and motivational speaker for a corporate retreat, meeting or conference, productivity training for groups and teams, or books to guide your perspective for transformation, you have come to the right resource.

My goal is to help busy professionals live a life of choice, so that they can joyfully bring their unique gifts to the world in a way that invigorates and motivates them, rather than overwhelms and stresses them.

You will also discover articles, how-to videos, individual training, and research on brain science, attention management and more that can save you time, help you use technology better and get more done with less effort.


Ever since I took your training, not only have I been more organized and on-task, and I have also been sharing with others here. I am a huge believer—you have created a life-changing system! ~ McKinsey Lowenberg, Senior Executive Assistant, CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, WI

The techniques you’ve given us are extremely practical and easy to implement. You are so dialed in to what each of us experiences on a daily basis. Thank you for providing such an approachable system that anyone can do. ~ Amy Solliday, Vice President, Field Store Operations, Old Navy

Maura delivered a fantastic presentation. Her humor and enthusiasm kept us engaged and excited to learn all of her strategies for productivity. We left the training feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to take on the to-do lists that had previously overwhelmed us in both our personal and professional lives. It’s important to mention that Maura was also a pleasure to work with and eager to understand our business so that she could really connect on a deeper level to our employees. Thank you Maura! ~ Ellie DeLuca, SalonCentric, Division of L’Oreal


I look forward to getting to know you, your team and your organization through our work together. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at 424-226-2872 or email info(at)regainyourtime(dot)com.





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